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Nova Assistant is an AI that elevates the user experience by providing personalized solutions with easy access to information for clients and beneficial data for wealth managers.


24 hours

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Group Project





project brief

Scotiabank offers a variety of wealth managemnet services and has highly skilled advisors to assist their clients.As clients run their busy lives, they’re looking for frictionless and convenient engagement with their advisors online.

secondary research

The banking revolution: Millennials and Gen Z

Technology is second nature for Millennials

According to the Digital Banking Attitudes Study by Chase, nearly 98% of the millennials and 99% of Gen Z use mobile banking apps to carry out routine banking tasks.

Advisor turnover is high for Millennials

90% of heirs inheriting wealth have changed their management advisors.


Digitizing wealth management

AI assistants are part of our lives

65% of mobile phone owners regularly ask general questions to their AI personal assistants

Saving time through chatbots

4 minutes is the average time saved per chatbot enquiry compared to traditional call centers

4 min
Conversational banking streamlines the customer journey through natural conversations

Banks can make it easier for customers to compare their options instead of searching through product pages, account features, and rewards.

competitive research

The best virtual chatbots in banking

I compared 3 diverse banks to compare their chatbot features. Most of the banks could do all of the basic features such as FAQs, setting up alerts, and checking balance. However, there were also some features that would only take the user half way in the chatbot.

basic features for ai chatbot

Millennials & Gen Z are looking for a more personalized experience in banking

Basic features are great, but what draws in Millennials and Gen Z are the personal touches companies can bring. This is the opportunity that will elevate the experience for my target audience, and as of current, none of these banks have such premium features.

premium features for ai chatbot
proto Persona
persona description
Problem statement

How might we help Scotia Wealth Management better support Millennials to reach their financial goals in a shared digital space?



brainstorm notes
brainstorm notes
Sketches + flow

Chatbot: Purchase House

sketches for chatbot
  • Ask chatbot about purchasing a house
  • Chatbot tries to understand how much the user knows

  • User completes a quiz about how much they know about the housing market
  • Chatbot complies a feed tailored to users needs (videos and articles for the user to learn about)

My Learnings

sketches for my learnings

Here are various variations of the learnings tailored towards the user. I wanted to display a progress bar at the top to encourage the user whenever they leveled up.

Book Appointment

sketches for booking appointments

After user has read through some material, they proceed to chatbot to book an appointment.

They are also able to edit any steps if they wish after completing all 5 steps.

Booking is then complete .

Hi-fi prototype

Hi-Fi Prototype

The End

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