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It's a new year, and still, Pride Never Stops. After a year of staying virtual, our Pride is blooming along the Highline in NYC. Fabulous, artful, inviting flower sculptures will take root, integrated within the natural landscape of the Sundeck, for a 4-day activation during Pride weekend. The flowers encourage passersby never to stop growing, dreaming, moving, and creating through audio messages from LGBTQ+ Hulu talent and crew.For Pride 2021, Hulu is turning the spotlight on the people behind the scenes, making all the great Hulu shows we love possible. We're asking our LGBTQ+ community members, actors, writers, directors, etc., to tell us what PRIDE NEVER STOPS means to them...and a bit more.


Hulu Pridefest


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The guests see branded signage attached at each entry point to each flower, featuring messaging and a QR code.By scanning this code, guests will launch the microsite experience, where they can create and share a flower to participate in a Hulu & Partner Brand donation match.

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